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The emperor Krsnadevaraya, who heard of the sudden
rise of the fortune of the brothers Caudapa and Bhadrapa sum-
moned them to his presence at Vijayanagara.
#                      >                       *
He said,' You are amias of iiva, born (in this world) on ac-
count of some special reason. The Muhammad an8, Sabaras, and
some petty chiefs having become disobedient and rebellious are
causing us petty troubles. Therefore, you must remain with
us and help us in all our undertakings.' He persuaded them
to remain at his court, where they acquired much influence on
account of his favour.
At that time, the Sabaras  and some petty chiefs having
joined together set up the standard of rebellion in the east, and
harassed the kingdom very much.    When the  news of this
rebellion z-eached the ears of the Raya, he sent an  army under
Caudapa aud Bhadrapa to put it down.    Both the  armies met,
and in the tumultuous engagement which ensued,  the royal
troops  suffered a defeat.    "When Caudapa saw the miserable
plight   of the  royal  army,  he jumped   upon   his   steed  and
charged the rebels vigorously.    He inflicted a crushing defeat
upon them  aud  took   several  of   them   prisoner.    Then   he
returned triumphantly to Vijayanagara,  carrying in his  train
several prisoners of war. some  chained,  and others pinioned.
He compelled them to make obeisance to the Raya.    Some of
the chiefs who  made  peace  with him were then introduced to
the king ; and others placed valuable presents before the royal
throne  as a token of their submission.    On seeing the  rebel
chiefs,  Kpnjaraya was pleased  with  Caudapa and Bhadrapa
who had subdued  them.   He bestowed upon them many gifts
and sent them home, desiring to employ them in his war with
the Muhammadans on some fixture occasion.
A few days passed uneventfully when the spies brought
the information that the Mussulmans contemplated an attack
upon the kingdom from the north. Thereupon Krsnaraya